Welcome to Keystone Buds!  Thank you for taking the time to visit.  My name is Jen Webster.  The creation of this site came out of my own need for education and quick answers.  When I first got certified as a medical cannabis patient, I wanted super in-depth information but I didn't understand the medical terminology.  In true form, I searched the internet for modern day CliffsNotes and to no surprise, everyone's an expert.  That approach was off the list.  


Now, if you know me personally, you know that I struggle with anxiety and that the idea of asking somebody questions is my own version of hell.  In addition, a failed surgery left me with lingering back pain that makes it difficult to sit or stand for long periods of time.  Waiting around at a dispensary just wasn't realistic. 


I didn't want to learn from information I couldn't verify and I didn't want to talk to someone.  When I find myself in such situations, my strange brain goes to the lyrics, "let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start."  Like a nursery rhyme glued to my understanding of life, the words delivered by Julie Andrews reminded me that I am capable of learning anything if I start from the basics.  In this case, the very basics.  The only thing I could remember from school was making a cell model out of jello and for inexplicable reasons, it wasn't jogging my memory of how our bodies function.  

It took some time, but eventually I started understanding what I read.  I kept a dictionary pulled up on my laptop and if necessary, dissected things word by word.  I started asking budtenders related questions when I visited the dispensaries.  Overall, they went unanswered.  That didn't work for me so I began classes online to become a budtender.

The same time that all of this was happening, I was learning and experimenting with my own medical cannabis routine.  I found strains that helped me focus so I could study.  I found strains to help relax the muscles in my back.  I even found strains that took away my anxiety.  My life was improving both physically and mentally.  I was handling social situations better.  My OCD didn't end in rage.  I could kayak for hours and walk paths I knew better than to try previously.  Other people were noticing the difference, too, and it was my absolute joy to tell them cannabis was responsible. 


With all of the things I had learned and experienced, I was feeling like it would be cruel not to tell as many people as I could that a plant might just do the trick for that ailment refusing to vanish.  I care about people.  I want them to have all of the same information I have so they can make educated decisions.  I also realize that not everyone is going to sit down and do all of the research.  What I hope to do here is meet people in the middle.


Keystone Buds, LLC. is a platform for patients (anyone) to ask questions directly without having to go somewhere.  For me, it was pain and anxiety.  For you?  The cause doesn't matter- we have you covered.  Send us your questions via email or DM and we will find the best answers we can.  Then we will take that information and make it a video because if you are wondering, someone else probably is, too.  We want to open discussion for as many people as possible so the more questions, the better!

The goal here is to help people understand that cannabis is an option that might work for them.  If it doesn't, that's also fine!  Everyone has a different body.  What we all share is the right to intelligent information regardless of how we need to learn it.  I hope Keystone Buds, LLC.  fills that space. -JW