Are you tracking your sessions?

One of the best things we can do as patients is record how we medicate.  If you've ever tried a fitness tracking app, you know that your habits might surprise you.  ReleafApp helps you recognize the patterns in your cannabis use. 

Why do I use this and not a different one?  First, I didn't experience that, "this is cool but I wish they would have included..." moment when I tried it for the first time.  Second, the screens are easy to switch between during your session.  Third, it has pictures and that means less words to type on my phone.  For me, the less work I have to do while tracking a session, the better.  Fortunately,  ReleafApp did all the work already!

Start tracking your sessions and find out which way you lean.  Strains.  Medicating method.  Cannabinoids.  Pictures of all the feels.  So many things.  The button below takes you to our Keystone Buds group.  Being a member means your data will anonymously load into a program that helps us bring you more relative education topics.  Check it out and let us know what you think!


(Buddy tip:  Be sure to read all the details before joining our group)