Keystone Buddy Program

We are looking for aspiring educators to contribute their knowledge and know-how to the growing cannabis community.  If you love helping people, this is the place for you! It gives us an opportunity to meet the community and hopefully bring some of you on as employees when our company reaches that point!  In the meantime, it creates an awesome community of people helping each other grow. Check out what we are looking for and see how you fit in our Buddy program!




Instructional videos- How to use different equipment (rigs, vaporizers, bongs, etc.), how to medicate with various forms of cannabis. (Ex. how would you explain to someone who is buying moon rocks for the first time how to medicate with them), and anything else you think other people should know how to do!  If you are unsure, get in touch and we can talk about it!


Strain reviews- Pretty straightforward on this one.  Make sure to include all of the information on the label and why you picked that specific strain (are you medicating for pain?  Stress? Appetite? Cannabinoid profile?).  People look to experienced users for reviews on what might work best for them.  If we know why you picked it, someone looking to treat that same condition will be that much closer to finding the right strain.


Product reviews- Remember that instructional video you did?  Now is the time to review the product you used. Maybe it’s your favorite bong company.  Maybe it’s your favorite grinder manufacturer. Whatever it may be, make sure to be detailed. (Ex. Does that electric nail have consistent temps?  Does that brand of battery last longer? What makes it your favorite?)


Informational videos- Are you an expert on cannabis legislation?  Tell us about it! Do you know a ton about terpenes or cannabinoids?  Share the knowledge. We will be fact checking your videos so be sure you are using reliable resources.


Testimonial videos- How has cannabis changed your life?  We would love to hear about it. Like the other videos, please keep it under five minutes.


If you have an idea for a video that isn’t listed here, please feel free to get in touch!  As long as we feel the topic fits in, chances are you can do it.


Not comfortable in front of the camera?  No problem. We are happy to accept blog-style entries, written testimonies, and written strain reviews!





Videos of giant dabs/bong rips.  We are focused on teaching so we encourage you to show examples that everyone can relate to.


Videos of stoned rambling.  Again, please try to stay focused on one topic.  We encourage you to stay away from long personal stories unless you are doing a testimonial video.


Videos with explicit content.  If you are playing music (quietly- remember, we have to hear you speaking) in the background, please stay away from explicit language and content.  We want everyone to feel comfortable.




Exposure- For each video you submit, you will get an Instagram post dedicated to your video and it will be added to the website for viewing.  Don’t worry- you get all the credit. We will include your Instagram link and a web address if you have one.


Traffic to your Instagram account which means new followers!


After your first successful video submission, we will send you a sweet sticker pack that includes a design exclusively available to Buddy program contributors.  After five successful videos, you will get a t-shirt that is exclusive to Buddy program contributors.  From there, we will continue to add goals and rewards!



It is perfectly fine to use for videos but please make sure it is steady.  If you don’t have a stand, just set it on something to help control the shakes.


Always assume that the consumer has never used the subject of your video.  Things that might be obvious to you aren’t necessarily obvious to everyone else.  Ex. You might assume someone knows what a nail is or how to clean their bong but if they’ve never experienced it upfront, they might not know what seems basic to you.    


Make sure you have lots of light so we can see what you’re doing.


Speak clearly and (reasonably) loud.  We want your video to help as many people as possible so we need to hear you loud and clear.


Stay on topic.  This is a big one.  We ask that you make your videos no longer than 5 minutes.  Ex: If you are talking about a strain, don’t talk about your favorite pipe company.  Save that for a review video!


Per the rules of social media, please credit the artist of any music you play in the background of your video.  It will likely be pulled down if proper credit isn’t given.

We look forward to hearing from you!